The conference will have a live demo from Bryce Cleveland, founder and CEO of Scalp Aesthetics.  We will be covering the different styles of performing the scalp micropigmentation procedure. What to look for in types of skin to for see the future results and how many sessions the client needs. The top artists as well as well as people who represent reputation management, deep knowledge of the industry, deep knowledge of growing a business, hair transplant doctors and more. We will  be talking about the new technologies of the industry, showing different brands and products to offer and other elements to bring to your scalp micropigmentation business. This event is great for the beginner, the master and for someone who has interest in entering the marketplace.


Connecting in this is space is important to keep standards high, keeping the vision and goals alive for the industry. It’s a place for your voice to be heard within the industry. It’s a place to keep up on new innovations and products that are being introduced to the marketplace. Everyone is doing amazing work in the industry. This is a way to grow together in a life-changing industry. Hear other views, find ways to work with each other while finding ways to empower each other. Be congratulated for the amazing work you have done in the industry. The ScalpaCon is a place where you can make a change in the industry because of everyone under one roof. It’s exciting, its relationship building and more than anything it’s going to be a lot of fun!


Building a unity of people who are advocates of the industry. Being apart of the bigger picture help build your location to be the best. Bringing your new products to a place where others share the same vision. Building a culture, holding accountability and affirming every year to be better and to really grow in the scalp micropigmentation marketplace. This is will be a place to really bring your company, your reputation in the industry and your knowledge to another level. It’s key to building a successful scalp micropigmentation business to be a part of organizations like this that breed togetherness and growth within the market.

Have fun

This event is about love, fun and getting excited about the future of scalp micropigmentation. This industry has stood on its own feet and is becoming the number one option in the hair loss industry which is extraordinary. We want to congratulate you for your dedication, selfless action and taking the steps forward to be a part of something bigger than yourself. This event is full of fun, music, connecting, drinks… everything!! It’s about taking those couple days off once a year from your scalp micropigmentation procedures and getting together with the best of the best and having FUN! Let’s build a relationship within ourselves to help grow, build, learn and most of all HAVE FUN!



A place where all scalp micropigmenation industry leaders come together to share, cherish, appreciate, collaborate, learn and celebrate. A place where the masters connect with the newcomers, where voices are heard and ideas are born through scalp micropigmentation. A place where we take time to look at what we have done, where we will go and how we take action together and keep changing lives.
You can’t do it alone, you need support, guidance, and a place to collaborate. ScalpaCon is the place that all scalp micropigmention artist come to connect, have fun and this year IGNITE THE MASTERY. So what are you waiting for?
Whether a newcomer or a master artist, this is the place to show your talent!. Let’s grow together and take action around the art at the Scalp Micropigmentation Conference.

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Tuesday, October 10th – 5 pm

Wednesday, October 11th – 9 am – 5 pm

Thursday, October 12th – 12 pm – 5 pm



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